Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is one of the many clubs offered at Smoky Hill


Aubrianna Carpenter-Torres, Staffer

Are you interested in culinary nutrition? Carla Sullivan is the sponsor of the FCCLA club. They meet every other Wednesday in room 11-701. The club does a lot of fun activities like food drives, making meals for families, and food guides. The club is year-long and kids go to a competition in April.

”FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. We’re a club that takes what we learn in our culinary nutrition or child development or relationships class and then try to apply it to the community,” Sullivan said

“So we do this through community service projects or career investigation where we look at different careers we could do in our future,” Sullivan said.

“We plan community service. For example, last semester we did a food guide in the neighborhoods around our school, and we did a food drive and we plan socials, so we do fun things together, like Friendsgiving. Sometimes they involve food since it’s culinary. And then this semester, we’re also planning some fundraisers, we’re going to be selling cake pops for Valentine’s Day to the people at our school, and all to get our kids to the state competition. So when they design projects, they can compete. We have culinary competitions, knife skills competitions, but also other competitions based on leadership,” Sullivan said.

“So it just depends on the year the kids get to plan the projects. We’ve made meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House. We’ve put together toiletry boxes for foster care kids when they move houses or whatever. So it just depends on the year. One year we did a huge book drive and then gave books to kids as they were going into the summer break,” Sullivan said.

“FCCLA is actually a career and technical student organization that ties together the family consumer sciences. It’s a required club, or actually organization that I run with my classes. Just like DECA goes with business, we just have to do it.” Sullivan said.

The FCCLA club is very good for people that prefer a lifestyle that involves cooking, kids, being involved in their neighborhood and cities. This is a very active club and they do a lot of fun activities. You probably should try it if you want to have more experience and try new things.