Electronic passes in the English Department

English teachers testing out E passes


Dana Mohamed, Staffer


Electronic passes have always been a thing but no one really used them. A couple of teachers then started using them and a little after that the school decided to have the English department test it out for them and see how well it works for them, and if it’s successful then more teachers should start using them. The thing about the electronic passes though is that you have a timer on them which makes it more efficient for teachers and other students to go use the bathroom or get water.

“ I love electronic passes because they are a lot less disruptive, so if a student wants to leave the classroom they can quickly fill it out and all I need to do is type in my pin and they’re good to go.” Alexa Ely Says

The fact that teachers think that electronic passes are helping them is also on the positive side because they might go tell other teachers how helpful these passes are and it might become a school-wide rule.

“I like electronic passes because your time is limited and I don’t have to wait a long time to use the bathroom after other students,” Chelsea Cesar(10) Said 

What she said really made a lot of sense because I witnessed a lot of people during my own classes who go to the bathroom and take almost 30 minutes to come back. So I think it’s not fair for other students to have to wait so long, so I think there should be consequences and kids should learn how to manage time and use it wisely. 

“Fewer kids have been getting in trouble ever since we started having limited time for our passes,” Cesar said.

Having E passes probably have helped all of us in our English classes for now but hopefully next year the word might spread about how helpful this experience was to most of us.