(Clap) Meme (Clap) Review

If you thought PewDiePie killed memes oh boy are you in for a ride.

Caleb Bennett, Staffer

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Teens use memes to entertain and distract themselves in class, they show emotions and reference  jokes. The word meme originated in 1976, in the book The Selfish Gene by:Richard Dawkens, it was coined and is a term for spreading inf Memes have taken root in our everyday lives and are often getting replaced by new or better ones. Here is a list of current memes that are popular in the school:

Shaggy meme

The shaggy meme originated with a still image from the first series airing from 1969-71 that blew up because of a post on Reddit. It blew up in the Instagram community and spread wide and was made into multiple templates.

2/10 for a regular meme viewer, 8/10 for a student that isn’t a consumer of memes.  

This meme like this is simple and easy to understand especially for someone who doesn’t like vulgarity or doesn’t look at memes often, that is why it got an eight out of ten for the normie(non-meme consumer) and for someone that regularly views and enjoys a saucy meme it got a low score.   


Wave check

The wave check meme is popular because of the hairstyle called waves, where you treat your hair and it looks like waves.


A good meme could live a long life.

It’s not vulgar and is a mass appeal meme that is easy to share and can gain views quickly for a new and original version, on top of that it takes many forms such as Thanos, as depicted Ninja, Air Pods, Ben Shapiro, Shrek. Everyone’s favorite characters can get waves and that is truly what makes it a mass appeal meme.   



The Anti-vaxxer movement is a group of people that believe that vaccines for measles and polio cause autism and have caused various outbreaks of eradicated diseases.


Some of the memes can get offensive and political so they aren’t for everyone but they are some of the funniest memes on the market today, in particular it makes lots of refferences to the kids only living to be three and this makes them funny. 


Tree’s speaking Vietnamese

The trees speaking Vietnamese is a reference to Vietnamese snipers that would hide in the trees of the jungle and shoot at American patrols and when they got kills they would shout and move.


If you don’t know the history of the war then the reference will go straight over your head, but if you are well informed and know the song, “Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival” then it it will be hilarious. Due to the need for background knowledge, this will live a long life.

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