Chick-Fil-A Days

The make a wish foundation at Chick-fil-a.

Brenton Force, Staffer

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“I eat at Chick-fil-a about three times every week.” said Smoky Hill High School junior, Neil Cook. Neil as long as hundred of other students visit Chick-fil-a every day. However now it’ll make a big difference.


On November 29, at the Chamber and Parker location of Chick-fil-a all Smoky Hill students orders will help donate to the Make a Wish foundation. The student only has to tell the cashier that they are from Smoky Hill and they will take a percentage of the orders pay to donate. “We donate fifty percent of every Smoky student’s order to, Make a Wish. says Scott Amole, Branch Manager, of the Chambers and Parker location.


“We are hoping to help make a change for somebody through what we are doing here at Chick-fil-a,” said Scott. “I would say that about more than half the people that walk in to our store are students so I have a feeling that we will be making a lot of money to give away to make a difference.” “Just the fact that for one day we can continue to do what we do everyday and help make a major difference for somebody make me see how it’s all worth it,” said Scott Amole


Every year from these donations Chick-fil-a is a major contributor to the “Make a Wish” foundation. However that wouldn’t be a possibility without the help of the student’s of Smoky Hill. One student in particular will be making sure they are contributing this year. “There isn’t much reason not to go and help out. Not only are you helping making a wish come true you’re getting great food,” says Cook.


“The amount of money that I have spent at Chick-fil-a alone is not a small number.  However that number can now go toward a good cause.” “I like to donate to the “Make a Wish” program as much as I can. I’ve been friends with a kid that had a wish and the day his dream came true I will never forget how happy he was.”


Chick-Fil-a will be donating 20% of every students order to the “Make a Wish” foundation on November the 29th. “I hope everybody let’s somebody have that special day.”  said Neil Cook.

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