Chicago Musical

The spring musical, Chicago, will be showcased February 13-15.


Cristina Tapia Castellanos, Staffer

This spring, the Smoky Hill High School Performing Arts Department presents students and parents with the Chicago musical. The Chicago musical is based on the movie that was originally made 17 years ago. “It’s one of the most popular broadway musicals that has been around,” said Mr. Brown, one of the directors of the musical. Smoky Hill will be showing a toned down high school version of the movie.

According to the musicals official site its, “the longest running American musical in broadway history.” The musical is about Chicago in the 1920’s and a couple of scandalous women who are locked up in jail for murdering men. The Chicago musical will be showcased in the auditorium from February 13-15. Admissions are $8 in advance for students or $10 at the door and $10 for adults and $12 at the door respectively.  

Stay tuned as well for the Chicago musical teasers that will be on Wednesday, February 12 during school. Come see the musical, “it’s a very fun and upbeat show with a lot of really fun music and dancing that showcases both vocal and instrumental musicians” said Annalise Grey, a member of the cast in the musical. 

There is a huge cast of over 150 students involved with about 50 of them in the cast and and over 100 in tech. “Ms. Mills is directing it and the dances are going to be fantastic,” said Mr. Brown. It’s a very fun performance to watch. There is a great deal of fun music and dances so come support your peers and see all the hard work they’ve been doing.