Changing Schedules

Why the counseling office is crazy in the beginning of every semester


Krystal Grider, Staffer

The first week back from winter break and the Counselors are super busy either having new students to the school or changing schedules. this is what Suzi Zoellner had to say about students and changing their schedules. Are students allowed to come in and change any class the prefer not to have? Zoellner said ,“ Technically we do not change classes for preferncasses as far as I don’t like it, if there is any question I recommend the student make an appointment with their counselor and talk it over because occasionally there are some extenuating circumstances as to why a student is not wanting to take that class. So it’s always good to have a conversation and then their councilor can let them know if its something their able to do or not.”

 How long do students have to change their schedule? Zoellner replied “It depends on what it is, students can drop a class with no penalty through next Friday January 17th so it’s the first two weeks of every semester after that students have and additional 4 weeks to drop a class but then they take a penalty on their transcripts and that would depend on what their grade is at the time either withdraw pass or a withdraw F and then after that amount of time if they drop it its an F, with dropping a class after it can affect their GPA as well.” I recommend changing classes early, figure out what’s going on with your schedule.