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Yearbook Distribution

Elizabeth Fernandez, Staffer
May 3, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Showcase, Student Life, Yearbook

Get ready, the end of the school year is around the corner and yearbook distribution is even closer. May 4, 2017 is the official day that Smoky Hill’s yearbook will be released to students. Seeing that the distribution is such an exciting event from previous years. There is a specific schedule to get...

Senior exit assembly

Octavia Ford, staffer
May 3, 2017
Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, Showcase, Student Life

The time is here, Smoky Hill class of 2017. All seniors and students are invited to join the official Senior Exit Friday, May 12 at 1:15 p.m.  We want to come out, congratulate, and wave the seniors goodbye.   There are wonderful memories, favorite teachers and numerous of things that have...

Getting to Know the new Assistant Principal

Nisha Razack, Editor
April 27, 2017
Filed under Academics, Check This Out!

Aleisha Armour is going to be replacing Karen Adler as Assistant Principal starting next year.   SN: What inspired you to become an AP? AA: So actually I had aspirations of going into school administration when I was in high school. One of my senior quotes in my senior yearbook, it act...

Marching Band Leadership

Haley Commons, Staffer
April 25, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Clubs

The 2016-2017 school year may be coming to an end, but the 2017 marching band year is just beginning. Students who have participated in marching band in the past recently had the opportunity to apply for the honorable position as section leader for the upcoming marching season. This year’s applicati...

13 Reasons Why Review

13 Reasons Why Review

Amber Badger, Editor In Chief
April 17, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions, Showcase

      MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS   One of, if not the, most popular shows on TV right now is 13 Reasons Why. A dramatic series about a girl who commits suicide leaving 13 tapes behind with the reasons why she did it. It is currently only available as a Netflix series. Th...

Prom Tips and Details

Prom Tips and Details

Haley Commons, Staffer
April 1, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions, Student Life

Prom is only a month away and excitement is in the air. There’s just so much to do: find a date (or go with friends), rent a limo, hire a photographer, buy a corsage/boutonniere, pick out the perfect dress, rent (or buy) a tuxedo/suit, buy this year’s hottest shoes, set a hair appointment, set a m...

Winter Art Showcase

Haley Commons, Staffer
March 23, 2017
Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, Showcase

I make art to show what having a mental illness is like. This series is meant to document my recovery. My subject with the brown hair is Madi and my subject with the red hair is Cheyenne. Made is meant to represent me and my struggles and Cheyenne represents the people that cared for me in my time o...

First Priority

Octavia Ford, Staffer
March 22, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!

Octavia Ford Come join First Priority Club 3/20-3/24 during both 1st and 2nd lunch, to help sponsor a “Guess How Much Candy is in the jar” fundraiser. The participants in First Priority have made it their goal to buy a defibrillator for the ILC hallway, which is an apparatus, used to control heart fibr...

March Madness

Michael Boyd, Staffer
March 10, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Opinions, Sports, Student Life

Next week is when March Madness starts. The atmosphere at Smoky will be intense and exciting while the games are being played. For the students who want to keep up with the games and watch some of the games, you want to know about this. Smoky Hill will be playing the games on some of  the t.v’s...

Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break Ideas

Batina Jombuni, Staffer
March 10, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!

Be aware of the special dates. Spring Break is approaching. It is  taking place the last week of March 27th through the 31st. If you aren’t aware of what to do, according to www.allprodad.com here are some ideas that can let you enjoy your break. You can go to the park and enjoy the weather by playing gam...

Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry

Haley Commons, Staffer
March 9, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Showcase, Student Life

Slam poet, Jovan Mays, has returned to Smoky Hill. Mays, age 30, is not only a Smoky Hill Graduate, but he is also the former Poet Laureate of Aurora, a national poetry slam champion, a TED speaker, and director of Your Writing Counts - a school based poetry program that operates throughout the great...

Smoky Hill Blood Drive

Sabrina Chavez, Staffer
March 8, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Student Life

Save lives with Smoky Hill. On March 7, Smoky Hill will be hosting a blood drive from 8-9:40 am and 11am -1:30 pm. The event will be held in the upper cafeteria. “I think it’s important to do the drive because it’s a free way to find out your blood type and help others get well” Said Senior...

The student news site of Smoky Hill High School
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