Bringing the culture back to Smoky!

Smoky Hills Chicano Studies class is bring back diversity


Marcus Risley, Staffer

Our principal Mr. Puga worked really hard to get a chicano studies class into Smoky Hill. “ I saw that only 4 schools had a class like this in the DPS district. I asked Metro State University if they would be interested in doing something like this at Smoky and eventually they agreed,” said Puga.  Mr. Puga is bringing more diversity to this already diverse school.  

Mr. Holguin who is the teacher for the class feels a sense of pride since the latino culture is his heritage. “ I teach TOK which like latino culture is very important to me, and I think to celebrate the diversity at Smoky Hill it was important they thought it would be a good idea for it to bring back perspective to the school,” said Holguin. Mr. Holguin said. The Chicano studies class brings back diversity into our school which is a great thing for our school. 

This Chicano class not only teaches you about the Latino culture it also brings diversity to our school, and helps latinos establish roots about their culture and heritage. Helping out with the latino community not only will help our school, it will help everybody start to understand each other better.