Black History month Spirit week

This is the first black spirit week at any CCSD


Krystal Grider

Black History Month means a lot to African American culture. I’ve never been at a school that supports Black History Month, they have a spirit week for it different days you can dress up and they even have HBCU colleges coming in as well. Smoky Hill is getting a little buzz from doing this because this is the first school that has had a spirit week for Black History Month. There are a lot of things white adults can do to participate in Black History Month, not just African Americans can participate. There will be some white students that will participate and there will be some white students that may choose not to, because they might be fearful that they might get it wrong.

How would you feel if a white student came to school with a durag on? I would be a little offended but at the same time they are participating in Black spirit week. Not every student will like the fact there is a black spirit week, mostly white students but here’s the thing some students are like “Why isn’t there a white spirit week?” There is always a white spirit week. By starting this at a Cherry Creek School it will move around,  more and more schools will start doing it, or the African American students will see what Smoky Hill is doing and fight to have a black spirit week. Diversity leadership team (DLT) is who came up with this black spirit month week. This is the very first time that they have done a black spirit week, and hopefully it goes on for more years.