AP testing!

College boards new system regarding deadlines and bubbling for AP testing


Cristina Tapia Castellanos, Staffer

The Advanced Placement program remains a popular way for students to receive college credits for AP courses designed to make students pass the exam. This year the college board has made a drastic change in deadlines to register for the AP exam and a new way to bubble for the exam. “Bubbling is not done in person on paper anymore, instead it’s all gonna be online,” said Ms. Horst. Teachers will provide a join code for the class and help students with this process.

The deadline to register and pay for the AP exams this year is November 8. Mauricio Miranda says, “This is a little dumb because it doesn’t give us enough time to decide if it’s worth taking the test or not.” To avoid late fees students must register and pay for the exams before October 28th, 2019. Late fees are $10 per exam on October 28 and any day after until November 1st, after November 1st late fees are $30 per exam. If students decide they want a refund their will be a minus $40 cancelation fee. 

Each AP exam is $95. Exams won’t be ordered until the full payment has been received. “I think the tests are really expensive but I mean they do give you a college credit if you pass,” said John Alvarez. Students who are on free and reduced lunch can get a letter from counseling and turn that in to post grad along with the test registration and the price of the exam will be cut in half. “Families can either pay online through the website or they can bring a check or cash directly to me along with their registration,” says Ms.Horst in post grad.

You may be wondering why the change, well the college board believes it will encourage students to do better on their exams because they planned from the beginning of the year so they have more time to prepare.  Ms.Horst says, “They’re hoping it will be more efficient, its all new this year so we’ll see how it goes, we’re learning along with you.”