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Allowing Redos In Topics

I discuss in my opinion the flaws of the school system and possibly how to fix them.

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

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You wake up ready for school and believing nothing can topple your grades, but as you walk into Math class you learn otherwise. You couldn’t solve any problems regarding the new lessons since you didn’t have the information to understand it.


Some kids often don’t understand a lesson or don’t want to understand a lesson for math, which often leads them to fake knowing it till the lesson is over. Though most lessons in math are supposed to be used as tools to understand a much harder mathematical lesson. Because of this the kids who fake it till the end of the lesson are often at a disadvantage on the next lesson afterwards, and the lesson after that. This becomes a continuous cycle of not knowing which leaves the student having to take the course over or take summer school.


Summer School often is a learning curriculum where the students learn everything again that they learned in a class semester they failed. Although it allows for all students to redo their troubled areas its mostly a waste of time since if you now understand the topics you still have to redo all of them again.


Every kid wants to avoid summer school if at all possible, but they still need to grasp a better understanding of a topic. This is why I propose that the students take a vote at the ending week of each semester to review a topic which will help kids understand more topics and beginning to use it as a tool. This can be used in any class since most often the topics build off each other. To make this happen we as students need to focus and stop delaying the new topics by messing around, because of this the teacher won’t have to spend as much time on a subject and can give more time to reviewing an old one.

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Allowing Redos In Topics