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13 Reasons Why Review

A review on the Netflix hit show, 13 Reasons Why.

Amber Badger, Editor In Chief

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One of, if not the, most popular shows on TV right now is 13 Reasons Why. A dramatic series about a girl who commits suicide leaving 13 tapes behind with the reasons why she did it. It is currently only available as a Netflix series. This is not an easy show to watch by any means. It shows explicit things that all happen to Hannah Baker, for example there is sexual scenes along with very profane language. This show takes a different spin in the teenage world rather than other dramatic TV shows. It shows what it is really like to be a teenager, especially through the language and all of the actions these students take. More than just this show being well written and produced, it takes a stance on important and uncomfortable issues. It is a real eye-opener and everyone needs to watch it. However, students should watch with discretion. If you have not finished the show, don’t read further because this article contains spoilers.


One major issue this show exploits is how something that seems small, can damage a person. In Hannah’s first tape, she talks about her first crush Justin Foley. He is the stereotypical cute jock who likes pretty girls. He see’s Hannah and wants her, so he gets her to hang out with him. They hang out at a park and Justin takes a picture of Hannah as she goes down a slide and then they share Hannah’s first kiss. That’s not what Justin tells his friends, he tells them they go almost all the way and shows the picture of Hannah which shows her underwear and Bryce sends it around the school. Justin may not have thought his little lie would cause so much harm to Hannah, but it did by giving her the reputation that she was easy and resulted in her being sexually harassed at school with boys smacking her butt and saying vulgar things to her. Most of the things that happen to Hannah are because of rumors that people made up. They made her seem like the opposite of what she actually is.


One other major issue is how the community handles loss. They show different deaths in this show, Hannah’s and Jeff’s, but they also show the aftermath of the deaths. Jeff was the victim of a senseless act of Sheri knocking over a stop sign and him not seeing it causing him to crash into another person where he was killed on impact. Because Sheri wouldn’t confess to her act that resulted in his death, everyone assumed he was driving drunk and that he was the one that caused the accident. After his death, the school hung up posters all around saying things like “Don’t drive drunk” and other basic things. After Hannah’s suicide, they hung up posters saying “There are other ways” and other things referring to not killing yourself. One of the characters, Alex, gets mad at one point and rips off a poster that says “Suicide is not the answer” and he is annoyed that that is all the school is doing about her death. He talks about how posters aren’t going to do anything about someone committing suicide. And he is right. At another point, Clay, the love interest Hannah has, is showing around foreign exchange students and has a break down. He rants about how the suicide posters weren’t up before Hannah committed suicide because it hadn’t happened before and so on. He and Alex are right. Posters don’t do anything and the fact that schools only hang them up when it is too late is sad.


One last issue the show covers is things that happen behind closed doors. Hannah and Jessica, her first friend, get raped by Bryce, a star jock and seemingly nice guy. It happens at different times and different ways but it still happens. Jessica is assaulted at her party when she is beyond drunk. She doesn’t remember it and thinks she just hooked up with her boyfriend Justin. The twist in Jessica’s case is that Justin knew Bryce raped her and Hannah was in the room hiding. Neither of them have the courage to tell Jessica which is aggravating as heck, but it is how high schoolers are in an honest way. High schoolers are spineless and afraid to speak up. The truth finally comes out when Jessica starts spiraling out of control and is hanging out with Bryce. Justin breaks and tells her everything and of course Jessica is feeling a swarm of emotions; pain, betrayal, sadness, anger, used and more. Hannah tells Jessica through the tapes, but she chose not to believe them until she heard it from Justin. Hannah is raped by Bryce at his own party while she is sober. She was fully aware of what happened, and it played a large part in why she did what she did. Nobody did anything when Bryce committed these senseless and disgusting acts until Clay heard the tapes. He got Bryce to confess to it and recorded it. According to RAINN.org, every 98 seconds, an american is sexually assaulted and only six out of every 1,000 perpetrator is caught. This is a real issue in everyday life and this shows it and it is hard to watch. It’s hard to understand why nobody spoke up.


This show was overall hard to watch for many more reasons. It is important in today’s society because it shows what can go wrong in life and that’s why it is so hard to watch. It is an amazing show and takes a stand on many different and important issues. It makes people more aware and shows them what to look for in life to see if something is going wrong. The show does take a different ending than the book does, but I highly recommend watching and reading both. This show gets five stars out of five and is a must see.

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13 Reasons Why Review